Storyline Course Storyboard

Tools: Google Slides

Client: IDOL Academy


IDOL Academy participants requested help managing the number of tabs required to complete instructional design projects. They needed a free method of saving and organizing tabs for works-in-progress that could easily integrate into their workflow.


Using Cathy Moore's Action Mapping, I determined that their needs were best met by providing a tool to manage the problem. The course was developed using storytelling, rather than a traditional software tutorial. By making it interactive, I worked to move learners into an active learner role. While I did provide opportunities for users to self-assess their thoughts and reactions, I intentionally did not make these branching scenarios. The tutorial is short, to respect users' time constraints, and includes elements of whimsy to increase engagement, since this was an optional training.


Participants were surveyed after course completion to indicate whether they felt prepared to use OneTab (100% of users responded yes) and if they intended to immediately begin use of the Google Chrome Extension in their workflow (50% of users responded yes). This course did not gather data for Kirkpatrick levels 3 or 4, to measure behavior changes over time and the corresponding performance results.

Staff Training Storyboard

Tools: Articulate Storyline 360 and Audacity

Client: Garuna Foundation

Collaborator: Subject Matter Experts from the Garuna Foundation


The Garuna Foundation is a non-profit organization that builds and manages schools in rural Cambodia. Stakeholders identified a need for staff training to correspond with their Garuna Bible curriculum. Local Cambodian staff members have limited internet and are spread throughout the rural countryside. Their training needs to be easy to access on a cell phone.


To fit budgetary needs, this e-Learning course was developed in Storyline with limited interactions. The course was developed and approved in English, then translated into Khmer by a local SME. Each micro-lesson was developed as stand-alone content, to allow staff the ability to access the material in the order that is most relevant to their needs.


The launch of this course has been delayed (March 2021) due to recent school closings after a spike in Covid cases in Cambodia. When schools reopen, Garuna staff will begin the micro-lesson campaign.

After launch, we will begin collecting data to evaluate the outcome using the Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model, measuring the staff reaction, learning, impact, and results.